Joint Chiefs (USA) Dictionary of Terms - 0.1

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, based on JP 1-02

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Initial Release — 9 Sept 2012

This version: (owl)
Last Update: 0.1
Date: 9 Sept 2012
Robert Warren, The Muninn Project


This dictionary is a shallow taxonomy of military terms as defined in the US Joint Chiefs of Staff JP1-02 publication.

Taxonomic constructs for terms

Each term within the dictionary has a Concept assigned to it. In the cases where a terms has multiple meanings, seperate concepts are generated for each alternate meanings and related through appropriate skos broader / narrower properties and differentiated from each other using owl:differentFrom statements. Concurrently, there is also an experimental use of an owl:owlOf mechanism to acheive enumarated classes for the term meanings.

Related concepts

Concepts that are referenced through the phrase See Also in the original documents were linked using the skos property skos:related.

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