How To Let the SPARQL Endpoint Save Results In WebDAV?

By default, the SPARQL endpoint can only sent the result back to the client. This can be inconvenient if the result should be accessible for programs like file managers and archivers.

The solution is to let the endpoint create "dynamic"resources in a WebDAV folder on the Virtuoso server. A WebDAV client, e.g. the built-in client of Windows Explorer, can connect to that storage and access these resources as if they are plain local files.

If you are the Database Administrator and want to enable this feature, you can perform the following steps:

  1. This web service endpoint runs under the "SPARQL" account. This user should have an access to WebDAV (U_DAV_ENABLE=1 in DB.DBA.SYS_USERS)
  2. A WebDAV home directory (e.g. /DAV/home/SPARQL/) should be created and the path to it should be remembered in DB.DBA.SYS_USERS (U_HOME) field;
    (do not forget the leading and the trailing slash chars).
  3. This home directory should contain a subdirectory named "saved-sparql-results", and the subdirectory should be of "DynaRes" DAV Extension Type.

As soon as the appropriate directory exists, the SPARQL web service endpoint will show additional controls to choose how to save results.

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