10 Triples

a Jurisdiction
US Copyright Act of 1909
rdf:type cc:Jurisdiction
rdfs:label "US Copyright Act of 1909"@en
rdfs:comment "Copyright lasts for 28 years, renewable once."@en
owl:sameAs ""
dct:dateAccepted _:g1-b154553232__arc56dcb7
dc:date "1909"
a Date Time Interval
rdf:type time:DateTimeInterval
time:hasDateTimeDescription _:g1-b479549640__arc56dcb8
is dct:dateAccepted of US Copyright Act of 1909
a Date Time Description
rdf:type time:DateTimeDescription
time:year "1909"^^xsd:gYear
is time:hasDateTimeDescription of _:g1-b154553232__arc56dcb7

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