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Holy Cross Cemetary (Halifax, Canada)
rdf:type "image/jpeg" "2448" "3264" "3247292" "" "20120815"^^xsd:date "20120515"^^xsd:date "Holy Cross Cemetery is the oldest Catholic Cemetery in the city of Halifax and contains the graves of many soldiers since its opening in 1843."@en cc:Distribution muninn-ww1:2011/11/11/Person/Warren
rdfs:label "Holy Cross Cemetary (Halifax, Canada)"@en muninn-ww1:2011/11/11/Image/6323a1add1da8eb9304e2651e3298a8c/thumbnail muninn-ww1:2011/11/11/Cemetery/HolyCrossHalifaxNS "Picture of Holy Cross Cemetary" muninn-ww1:2011/11/11/Point/6323a1add1da8eb9304e2651e3298a8c-3975

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